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compared to other student films this is pretty good, i like the camera angels adn the over all direction.
some backgrounds are better then others, but thats just how it goes with these student films. I like your more resent stylised bg. the lowpoint for me was the rotoscoped animation, again sometimes it looked fine and other times not as much. the robot and the mosnter was among the better moments.
It's cool that you shared this, i haven't really had the balls to share mine yet, but hey maby now i will(probably not).
I'm not sorry for misspeling anything, i'm pretty lazy and i think you can figure it out.
cheers! will be cool to se your next prodject

It's hard to criticise this, you are working with your limitations and i think that's great.

I felt unconformable when I was supposed to feel unconformable without feeling groused out. It was easy to understand and didn't dive to deep. when making psychological films they can sometimes feel pretentious but I didn't feel that at all.

the only think i can think of is when she lets out her dad from the jail cell. it would have been nice to se the girl open the door and him leaving the cell, but other than that I think this was great.

I'm guessing your inspired by don't hug me I'm scared.

StephenHutchins responds:

Leme guess, you think it's about vegetarianism lol.

And yeah don't hug me I'm scared is the shit

The tweening in the the first scene, the establishing shot, was way to hard and didn't really need to be tweened in the first place, try using more subtle movments.

You could work a little on the comedic timing, i think we saw her naked for to long, it seemed strange to me that she covererd herself after that they've died and not sooner.

the short pause between them dying and the pentakill might not att first seem that of a big deal, but it kills the flow, we all know the "pentakill" voice is coming, so don't wait for it just do it.

the forest backgrounds wear really great, the animation was pretty neat, i liked the dragon ball sound effect. Tell me if I'm wrong but it felt very naruto inspired, i jot got that vibe.

but you know that's just my opinion dude, love to hear from you

teemovsall responds:

Thanks for your constructive feedback!


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